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Festival season is around the corner and we're counting down the days to the dual weekend of Coachella! With an abundant amount of style tips readily available online, we'd decided to get down to basics and just KISS (keep it simple stupid). So, here's OUR list of 5 different Coachella style tips. Read on!

➳ Show off that smashing abs and shoulders! Beat the heat during the day and look awesome at the same time. But be sure to load on that sunscreen and maybe throw in a bottle into your bag just in case. Get similar looks and shop our festival tops here.

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➳ Or just keep it simple with a one toned or printed shift dress, available here.

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➳ It was only about time till the Palazzo pants resurfaced so how about those for this year's festival outfit! Or any of that flamboyant flare pants here?

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➳ Or get playful with rompers or jumpers instead. One piece, casual and very much versatile with any form of accessories and shoes! Shop the range of selections here.

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➳ Beating the heat during the day does comes at a price when the sun starts to set. Protect yourself from the evening desert chill, long walk home or even a sudden drop of temperature during the day. Shop our selection of outerwear here and you're all set for Coachella 2016!

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That's pretty much it folks and be sure to dress for comfort, pack sufficient essentials and bring cash (just be sure to ration it). Till' the countdown is over, have a good one folks! Xx


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