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Kimonos are the most understated essentials in a bohemian chic wardrobe. These throwovers are usually light, airy and a breeze to wear. With the right prints, it adds a layer of personality to your everyday outfit. But many still avoid the kimono for its tendency to look too casual and out of bed. So here we've gathered seven inspiring looks from around the world which you can easily emulate.

1. The Festival Chic

via HuffPost Style

A long length kimono does not need to look like a bathrobe. Pair it with a maxi dress of the same length and you are good to go.

2. From Day To Night

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If you are in the 9-5 schedule, choose a slightly more structured kimono to wear to the office. Throw it over a simple mini dress and accessorise accordingly. Best part: This is a look that transitions perfectly into the evening.

3. Laid-back Beach Hippie

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By the seaside, a kimono can do two things: Provide coverage over your swimsuit when you need it, and complete your laid-back beach boho look! We especially love how good a fringed kimono looks with a pair of denims. How about these ones from The Wit And The Will?

4. Weekend Boho

via With Love From Kat and Calla In Motion

Cardigans are so passé. Replace it with a kimono instead. One that ends around the hips look great paired with pants for a casual dressy weekend. Finish off with heels and you are ready for your Saturdate night out.

5. Gypset Chic

via Lovely Pepa

This picture is proof that the kimono is hands down THE piece that invokes a free, spirited, gypset feel. Take it with you on your next adventure, camera in hand. 

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