• 10 Must-Try Summer Popsicles

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    RAINBOW POPSICLES (Image credits: The First Year Blog)

    With 7 of these colorful fruity layers, it's no wonder it's on the top of our list! You're probably not going to have leftover smoothies from this one. Try these here!

     LIMEADE POPSICLES (Image credits: A Simple Pantry)

    With all the excessive heat and humidity, these Limeade Popsicles will be sure to cool off your Summer. So crank up your AC while you literally, and we really do mean it literally, just take 5 minutes to crank this easy DIY recipe!

    HONEY CHAMOMILE POPSICLES (Image credits: Vanilla & Bean)

    We all know how a cup of chamomile tea can be really soothing, relaxing and therapeutic. And, like honey, it has plenty of health benefits! So why not combine these duo and create one of the most refreshing and healthy Honey Chamomile Popsicles you can ever have!

    FRUITY ICED TEA POPSICLES (Image credits: My Fussy Eater)

    Similar to the previous popsicles, except that these are kinda fruity and allows you to have a wide variety of flavours. Kids would certainly stick around you for this ones! Be sure to sweeten and make them tastier by adding a little honey to your Fruity Iced Tea Popsicles.


    COCONUT POPSICLES (Image credits: Little Spice jar)

    You gotta go big or go home with this one! While these may take some extra effort with blending, trust us when we say this is worth that extra prep time. =) Feast you eyes on these babies and get ready for the creamiest Coconut Popsicles ever!

    COCONUT MANGO POPSICLES (Image credits: The Little Epicurean)

    With the whirlwind of coconut products going around, everyone is going coco-nuts when it comes to creating popsicles with this ingredient! How about adding a little twist to the usual coconut popsicle and add some mango? Recipe here!

    STRAWBERRY MANGO POPSICLES (Image credits: Half Baked Harvest)

    Yeap, you can never get enough of of mango. And just three ingredients, yet the flavours still burst in your mouth! One of those perfect summertime popsicles and a sure must try here!

    CUCUMBER MINT POPSICLES (Image credits: Donna Hay)

    One of those that looks too good to eat, this is naturally sweet and refreshing! You can never go wrong with one of these healthy recipes. Enliven those tastebuds and try the Cucumber Mint Popsicles this weekend!

    ICED CARAMEL MACCHIATO POPSICLES (Image credits: Shrimp Salad Circus)

    You can never go wrong with coffee so how about sprucing your summer mornings with these Ice Caramel Macchiato Popsicles? Don't forget to add that extra expresso shot to last you the day!


    STRAWBERRY & WATERMELON POPSICLES (Image credits: Emilie Murmure)

    Last but not least, how can we ever go through summer days without at least one watermelon popsicle recipe. We'd have this all day everyday to be honest! So effortless yet so succulent with all the watermelon juices. Not one to be missed! Recipe here.

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