From accessories, apparel to lifestyle products, Athena Emporium is the one-stop destination for your bohemian shopping and trends. We aim to bring you fresh, distinguished, and socially conscious made bohemian labels; also enabling you to support for a greater cause. Not only do these labels portray Bohemian through fashion, but also as a way of life. Through the Athena Blog, we aim to encourage the Bohemian community to express themselves freely. Travel adventures by fellow Gypsets are shared for the soul seekers, for the untamed lovers, for the endless romantics or anyone yearning to know more about the world. We wish to inspire you to aspire to be courageous and do whatever feeds your soul and to never stop lusting after an adventure.
There is an Athena in all of us. #WeAreAthena


Founded in November 2015, Athena Emporium is the brainchild of Diliya B. Born on the tropical island of Singapore, she is a free-spirit who believes in standing firmly on your own path no matter where you are located on the globe. With many kinds of bohemians - from those who forage in the acres of the forests, to the ones in the corners of concrete jungles.
In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we tend to forget the simple pleasures of this life that can be attained from giving back to the society and/or travelling the world. She created AE platform aiming to unite all and fulfill your daily whims and fancies while also being able to give back when you shop. In order to do so, the AE Team will focus on curating brands that we believe are in the spirit of Athena, the goddess of inspiration, courage and handicrafts. Makers who work with their hands and with you in mind.


Bohemian is not a Trend, it is a way of life.